Putin promised to punish the authorities for inefficient fight against COVID-19

during the meeting, devoted to sanitary-epidemiological situation in Russia, he noted that although the situation with the incidence in Russia is better than in many other countries, you should not relax, because the peak is not passed even in the capital.

Photo: Vladimir Anosov/WP Putin: the Situation with coronavirus in Russia is changing for the better

“Other regions are lagging behind Moscow for 3-4 weeks. This means that they all have more time to spare. But this stock can quickly melt. It is not to consume mindlessly, it needs to be used in the most efficient manner”, stressed the head of state.

He warned that it will be a very strict approach to those who will not leave to fight the infection all forces and means. “If there is something completed in time, I will consider that as criminal negligence with all its consequences. Not only administrative in nature,” Putin said.

the President also commented on reports of outbreaks in some regions. “This is the result of sloppiness, I think, otherwise can’t call,” he said and asked the specialists in the field, heads of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, doctors, heads of the enterprises “refer to all the requirements of the chief sanitary doctors in the most serious way”.

the day in Russia added 2558 cases COVID-19 in 62 regions