Putin ordered to allocate money for staff salaries in April and may

President Vladimir Putin has offered to provide small and medium business direct grant assistance from the state. According to him, such payments can be sent including staff salaries in April and may.

the Head of state during the live broadcast prior to the meeting with members of the government stated that such payments can be sent including staff salaries. To send such an application will be possible from 1 may.

He noted that in the list of the most affected by the coronavirus small and medium businesses need to include non-food shops.

the President said that financial support for the salaries of employees of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in April, will arrive on may 18.

“the Government has already proposed a program of interest-free loans for the payment of wages. The term of such loans to six months. However, experience has shown that this measure of labour market support is inefficient. To get a loan difficult, banks are reluctant to meet the borrowers. In this regard, I believe that at least 75% of such wages or salary loans must be secured by the guarantees of Vnesheconombank”, — said the head of state.

He noted that this will reduce the risks for commercial banks and enhance the availability of credit.

the President asked to finalize the list of strategic enterprises on the basis of “clear, objective criteria”. “It must be enterprise, it is crucial for the whole national economy”, — he stressed. According to him, the list includes more than 1 thousand enterprises.

This measure will allow to support not only the backbone of the enterprise, but also their partner, said the President. “We will support the employment and payment of wages to employees all over the chain of cooperation”, — he said.

Earlier Wednesday, in press service the Kremlin said that President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday will speak at the beginning of the meeting with government members. Press-Secretary Putin Dmitry Peskov said that the President will deliver an address at the beginning of the meeting with government members.