Putin instructed to study three procedure for granting citizenship

Now immigration rules are not sufficiently clear and unified, says the document published on the Kremlin website. The low level of application of information technology in the provision of public services and implementation of state control in the sphere of migration. Foreign workers often seek to circumvent the difficulty in processing status and go “into the shadows” or make out citizenship of the Russian Federation or the status of temporary and permanent residents. And people who are able to become full-fledged members of Russian society, on the contrary, sometimes, are faced with undue difficulties.

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the Main directions of reforms – creation of favorable conditions of resettlement in Russia and receiving, if desired, of Russian citizenship to those who know Russian language and are close to us in mentality and culture; the formation of clear immigration rules; increasing the level of security including through more widespread introduction of modern information technologies.

Proposals are grouped in six sections: improving the institutions of permanent residence (residence permit) and citizenship of the Russian Federation; creation of the unified migration regime for long-term stay on the territory of the Russian Federation; modernization of mechanisms of regulation of labour migration; improvement of mechanisms of ensuring security and law and order in the area of migration; Informatization of sphere of migration management; additional measures to ensure reform.

Permanent residence (residence permit) will be a major migration status, allowing the foreigner in the future to claim the citizenship of the Russian Federation. A temporary residence permit as a separate immigration status before receiving a residence permit, provided by the quota is excluded. This Institute outlived its usefulness, the document says. Basic requirements for residence permit: registration in the state information system, reside in the territory of the Russian Federation, observance of the Russian legislation, the lack of dangerous diseases and, as a rule, knowledge of the Russian language. The validity of the residence permit is not limited.

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it is Proposed to install three types of order of reception in citizenship of the Russian Federation: General, simplified and special. General apply “default” to all foreigners and persons without citizenship. Decisions are made by the interior Ministry. A simplified procedure applies in particular to those who came from countries close to Russia in the sociocultural attitude towards people in a vulnerable position and so on. Decisions of the interior Ministry, foreign Ministry, diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation abroad. But both the citizenship require knowledge of the Russian language and the lack of socio-conflict situations during your stay in Russia.

will Not be simplified granting of citizenship by “economic” criteria (skills, investment). Such people will be able to obtain the status of “long-term” or “permanent residence”. Especially valuable for the Russian Federation, foreigners can be accepted in the Russian citizenship in a special order. The decision by a head of state according to the materials of the Commission on citizenship issues under the President. This Commission will examine the materials on the abolition of decisions on the granting of citizenship.

Defines the concept of long-term stay – more than 90 days a year with any lawful purposes, including work and education, without issuing a residence permit and acquire citizenship of the Russian Federation. Such rules may apply to aliens who had entered without visas, except for citizens WhiteRousseau. A prerequisite for obtaining the right to long stay: a verified account in the state information system, the absence of dangerous infectious diseases, getting a single document with electronic media.

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proposals to modernize the immigration rules for foreigners with visa entry is planned based on the experience of applying the above-described mode, and the results of the implementation of monitoring mechanisms and created electronic services, including, with effect from 1 January 2021 a single electronic visa.

For attracting foreign citizens, companies or individual entrepreneurs, in particular, will have to post information on the need for such labour force in the state informational. People will also be able to register and hire nannies, repairmen and so on.

the proposals related to security, said about the possibility of the removal of the migration procedures outside of Russia, including checks on the existence of reasons that prevent entry, including the presence of dangerous infectious diseases. It is planned to introduce the institution of “loyalty agreement”: foreigners will be bound, the violation of which may result in loss of the right to stay in Russia. For example, compliance with legislation, participation in political activities and in the activities prohibited in Russia organizations.

need a more precise regulation of the circumstances in which the presence of a foreigner in Russia will be considered spam, follows from the document. Available categories: convicted with a criminal record, suffering from dangerous diseases, presenting false documents, violating “an agreement on lojalnoti” who has committed certain offences, hiding from taxation the incomes received in Russia.

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it is Proposed to introduce a special immigration status “controlled rate”: the regular personal appearance, limitation of motion, the application of additional controls, the right to an interpreter. This status will be given to the foreigners who find themselves in unusual situations, potentially undesirable, posing a threat to Russia.

the Necessary standardization of rules and the development of a single algorithm of actions for the expulsion from Russia of undesirable foreigners and adjustment of the Institute of ban on entry – it should be applied more selectively. Should provide the possibility of a ban not just for a particular alien, but in respect of categories of foreign nationals (for example, in the event of epidemics in the country).

Also need to provide a medical examination for a dangerous disease for all long staying on the territory of Russia of foreigners, to establish mechanisms for monitoring the health status before entering Russia, to develop effective algorithms for action against those who have dangerous diseases (including measures of compulsory isolation).

common information platform should contain information on foreign nationals and migration flows, and one of the goals – create digital profile of the foreign citizen. It is necessary to organize a broad information campaign explaining the parameters of the reform and to carry out explanatory work diplomatic channels with foreign partners, the document says.