Putin instructed to quickly build an infectious diseases hospital in Voronezh

In Voronezh will appear quickly erected infectious hospital. Such an order after a videoconference with Governor of the region gave the President.

the Conversation was devoted to measures to combat coronavirus. “The situation in the region under control”, – assured Alexander Gusev led numbers: 211 cases processed 25 samples. There is a regime of universal isolation, deployed 1306 beds to 25 April 1686. “There is some deficiency with the provision of the ventilator,” acknowledged regional leader, but has already signed contracts for delivery. Also there is “some tension with the provision of means of individual protection”, but the target stock is, the speaker assured.

the Voronezh Governor asked to support public transport and help with the construction of the regional infectious diseases hospital with 250 beds. However, as it turned out, the project will make year, and will need 2.5 billion rubles. To co-Finance the region has 20 percent.

the President offered another option. “We need now,” he said, and encouraged to follow the example of the defense Ministry, emergencies Ministry and Moscow. Is model projects quickly constructed objects, they can be done in a few months, said the head of state and called the Ministers of defence and health. After hearing Sergei Shoigu concluded: “Two months is much better than three years, and probably will be cheaper and the warranty – 50 years”. To be the hospital have to on the one side were the infrastructure, and with another – not in the center.

“People need to feel, to understand that the medical component, which depends on the government, will be ensured,” the President said. Then they can feel relaxed and be confident that if you suddenly face problems associated with coronavirus will get timely and proper help. “I hope everything will be done in time and with good quality”, he concluded.