Putin: if you select mishustina, I was guided by his personal and professional qualities

Vladimir Putin has told, how there was a choice among the candidates for the post of Prime Minister. According to the President, the initial list of nominations of Michael mishustina was not. To appoint him Prime Minister was a personal decision of Putin. However, he was guided by “personal and professional qualities” mishustina, reports TASS.

the President took into account the outcome of the mishustina as head of the Federal tax service. He was a proven practitioner who knows what to do and achieve a good result, said the President.

Putin said that many people think the task of the IRS is to collect money from citizens. This primitive idea. In fact, the mission of FNS is to ease the pressure on taxpayers to make the procedure less burdensome, and more comprehensible for the citizen. An honest man paying his taxes vbeluyu right to expect that its funds will be spent efficiently, the President noted.