Putin holds a meeting on the fight against the coronavirus video

the President on Monday holds a video meeting on sanitary-epidemiological situation in Russia in light of suppression of coronavirus, with the reports of Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova and Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

“At the beginning of the second half of the day will be a meeting on sanitary-epidemiological situation in Russia; this will be a videoconference. Will perform as a whole according to the national background Tatyana Golikova and Moscow will act as the mayor. Of course, the words of the President, held an exchange of views, reconciliation of hours in General, as is the situation with the fight against coronavirus,” — said Peskov, according to RIA Novosti, speaking about the working schedule of the President.

on 8 April, the President at the meeting with heads of regions has proposed new measures to combat coronavirus. He also appealed to the Russians and encouraged them to definitely endure the regime of self-isolation, to the turning point in the fight against coronavirus. Putin expressed confidence that Russia will win “this thing” as she had previously coped with great challenges.

the Number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia rose for the day at 2 558 and is now 18 328 in 82 regions of the country. Recovered at the moment of 1 470 people, 148 people died.