Putin has made the amendment about the recognition of the marriage Union of a man and a woman

the number made today by the President of amendments contains a proposal to consolidate the basic law concept of marriage as the Union of a man and woman, he said. “I am pleased that this amendment appeared over the signature of the President”, – said Tolstoy, who is one of the initiators of this rule.

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS the President proposed a constitutional amendment on the protection of historical truth

Tolstoy, at this change, explained that its adoption should stop speculation on the subject of granting certain rights to people based on sexual orientation.

Earlier the President of Russia at the meeting with the relevant working group found the right specified idea. According to Vladimir Putin, the idea is to protect traditional family values, including traditional family structure, is correct. He stressed that while he was the President, in Russia there will be parent number one and number two – “will mom and dad”.