something finally broke in my country, if on the week the main news is becoming “the Putin threw a pen at the meeting”, filing a lawsuit against the President declared the madness, and the dispersal of the rioters seriously compare with the dispersal of a peaceful demonstration. However, there is good news.

With a good start. We here in Russia solved the problem of chipping and radiation from the towers 5G.

first, the singer Natalia Vetlitskaya decided to head forest camp resistance. “Even though vaccinated, though kiperousa, but do not impose it to those who are against it. Let’s go into the forests and mountains. We live in communities, to grow the carrot with the cabbage. It is in any case better than to live in a digital concentration camp”, – she wrote on Instagram. Strange, though, that appeals to escape from the digital camp, Vetlitskaya uses exactly the digital tool of the GULAG, the social network, and indeed it is. On the other hand, and what to do — pickets now dispersed, with leaf A4 on the street does not stand up.

second, if in the forest to go terribly, for protection from radiation towers can take advantage of the offers on the trading platform on the Internet. There available cream 5G irradiation (900 rubles), a lotion with the same properties (almost 5 thousand), and even “Water overwhelming 5G” for 599 rubles for poltorashku. Although the residents of Moscow and Kronstadt rush of late — here 5G network already deployed in the so-called pilot areas. It is currently working. Emit.

Here in the Chuvash Republic of 5G networks like no. But there is a former head of the Republic Mikhail Ignatiev. He filed in the Supreme court of Russian President Vladimir Putin. For dismissal. With his background — bad job. Everybody remembers the Ignatieff statements about the need to “kill journalists”, vile history with the officer of the MOE, Bouncing over the keys to the company car. The problem is something else — to sue the President if we have a democracy (albeit a “sovereign”), is the norm, and not crazy. And Parliament, for example, or the attorney General, have the right to demand and to investigate activities of the President. This is called the system of checks and balances, not all that, as it is now.

we Have a system of checks and balances regulates only one person. He is severely eyebrow nastupiti, a pen on the table inaccurate to assume, as all it is necessary to draw conclusions on the personnel changes, strengthening of some elite groups and weakening others, the elevation of one tower over another. The main news for a few days! In principle, it is possible to understand the struggle between Putin and officials gradually becomes routine. But bureaucratic Hydra is invincible. In place of the severed head inevitably grows new, equally ugly. Because the body of the Hydra is the very structure of the state. Deception is planted in the people of Russia and the alien just spirit, and at the level of physiology. Well, some of us capitalists? Laughter is one. Live in the mess that we killed in the state, they are not viable here, the state is trying to build.

In America, meanwhile, flared. Negro killed. For no reason at all. Citizens poured into the streets and began to organize riots. Police, with which it all started, in debt does not remain — the rioters, looters and arsonists screws so that only blood splashing in all directions. As our propaganda by such a pass? Look, they say, on the fangs of the overseas regime, and note — human rights activists about such violence are silent. But is we who are to disperse immediately screaming about the violation of human rights. But, wait a second. Our demonstrators looted shops and burnt police stations? Or simply wanted to Express their dissatisfaction? This is a strange comparison, for Cheburashka-fetched.

does Not need any chip implantation and radiation to control the people who do not wish to think. TV enough. While it works we do not notice how in the country, something breaks.

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