Putin has forced officials to open wallets

such as doctor, Elena Malysheva, in the week called the coronavirus, “miraculously wonderful”. If you do not take the medical side of things, she’s right. Due to the coronavirus, we learned (Yes, no, already knew, but saw it), that is, doctors can be paid a decent wage, that the new hospitals can be built in just a month, it’s for the people there. That the state can be social if not for the furious resistance of the “elite” of oligarchs and bureaucrats.

Putin last week was a lot. He spoke the right words. As, however, and always. An objective reality, built under his guidance, desperately fought back. Mr Putin said that should help small and medium businesses. Suppose they say, banks give loans to pay. The Minister of economic development MP reckless decided to check how it actually happens. Pretended to be unhappy small businessman and called a couple of banks. Was sent to an erotic journey on foot. Made another rash act — he told this to senior management: some measures to support the economy today are not working as intended. Got a scolding, for nefig to question and to direct shadow on the fence… But Mr President, it seems, remembered after that of Viktor Tsoi, “What will be worth a thousand words when will be important fortress hands…”, and the situation curled. Because bored to say: “Hello, rake!”. Took officials by the throat (in one Governor even yelled) and said (not literally, but essentially): here is a concrete money, that’s specific Bank (and almost official), God forbid, will not work.

Built in record time the hospital is about? That if you remove a layer of parasites from fused between businessmen and officials, preying on any large project, the state can effectively build for the people. And probably not just hospitals, but schools, roads… Maybe even the housing and not at exorbitant prices?

Putin this week offered preferential program of mortgage at 6.5% per annum. For the duration of the loan, and not as in the advertising zamanuha. That is, it turns out that the state has the opportunity? However, banks immediately responded to the requirement to increase the down payment. Resist.

So what do we see? The money is there. Coronavirus shakes them from the purses of the elite. Only works a clear, hard and direct control. Scared to say those words, but running a planned economy, the allocation of funds under socialism. And nurtured in our field of wild capitalism — no. As intended exclusively for the frantic squeezing money from the people.

Here is an example. Main in the state Duma, Volodin, ran into a shopping network: how can it be that s�� arrogance, to purchase cucumbers for 27.5 rubles per kilo, and sell almost 150? Retailers disown — we have, say, a margin no more than 20%. The growers responded and sent a letter Volodin specific examples of the greed of retailers and request to restrict the margin. I think people care about? No. Just they want to sell high. Retailers. And then retailers to cash in? Small shtrishok at the same time — “market” cannot decide, “market” runs to the state for non-market methods of solving. In fairness it should be noted that retailers and generosity shown. In some networks before Easter came the announcement that customers can make free use of the onion skin.

the Head of the Central Bank in the week praised the idea of “helicopter money” – the distribution of funds directly to the public. What many of us suggested looking at the example of the decadent West. At Nabiullina was a lot of clever words, even “targeting”. However, the meaning is simple — do not give. It is necessary to give from above. The government gives a loan to an entrepreneur in the payment of wages, the entrepreneur gives money to the population. The population spends money. I’m not an economist, I’m for this reason only anecdote I can remember. “…And the third daughter asked the father to bring the Kraken for sexual pleasures. The father was surprised. OK, dad, ‘ said the daughter. – Come a long way. Bring me the scarlet flower….”

How does it work? The Ministry of labor, for example, in the week stated that employers have no right to send workers on unpaid leave, and salaries must be paid in full. This is even more interesting, they believe in what they say? And what will be, when you see for entrepreneurs in their words — hot air, not more? Labor claims: in the land of 735 thousand unemployed. The Federation of independent trade unions of Russia, Deputy Chairman of Shershukov said: “If you refer to the data of Rosstat, it was for January were 3.5 million unemployed. Currently about 4 million.” So who the money is given? Even with the targeting?

“not enough For revolution that the lower classes did not want to live as before. It requires further that the top could not host and manage as before” – as Lenin described the revolutionary situation. Nothing like? But, again according to Lenin, the revolution will not be, if not revolutionary class capable of revolutionary action. Coronavirus causes power to unfold to the people, avoiding turning the middle class into a revolutionary. Well, really, a miracle.

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