Russian leader Vladimir Putin on air of TV channel “Russia 1” said that the statements of President Vladimir Zelensky of the great Patriotic war can have a negative impact on relations between Moscow and Kiev.

“Negative. I think for the Vladimir Alexandrovich nothing good is not. Mean that Ukraine itself suffered greatly during the Second World war”, — quotes Interfax of a word of Putin.

Earlier, speaking at events in Poland, Zelensky laid on the Soviet Union part of the blame for the outbreak of the Second world war.

Zelenski also said that Auschwitz was liberated by soldiers of the 100th Lvov division of the 1st Ukrainian front.

The Kremlin said that it does not agree with such statements and consider them offensive to tens of millions of citizens of the CIS countries.

Putin noted that the statement Zelensky about the liberation of Auschwitz Ukrainians — nonsense.