Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting on combating the spread of coronavirus in the country’s regions announced the extension of the regime of self-isolation until the end of may holidays. At the same time he instructed the government to develop guidance for the regions, therefore the removal of restrictions from may 12.

Began the head of state his appeal with a report on how was able to mobilize industry to work on combating the spread of the pandemic coronavirus.

“we Need to keep in mind any scenario, and any scenario you have to be ready,” – said Putin appealed to the heads of regions with the request to continue the deployment of additional beds and increasing the readiness of the health system.

the Head of state recalled that today, April 28, unofficially marked the day of creation of the ambulance in Russia. He congratulated the doctors, paramedics, nurses and nurse’s aides, drivers, crews this occasion and stated that this day will set the official day of the ambulance.

Putin Also urged to actively implement decisions to support population, health professionals, business.

“the Heads of Federal departments, heads of regions bear for it personal responsibility. Notice of decisions will be considered fulfilled only when the people, families, health care providers will receive the required payments, and the company will take advantage of the support measures,” the President warned.

the Head of state noted that the epidemic of the coronavirus, the whole world faced for the first time. But now, thanks to the work of scientists, doctors, we are aware of this dangerous disease much more than more recently. Therefore, the opportunity more clearly to make forecasts.

to ensure that the spread of coronavirus infection began to decline, he called on all Russians to discipline, discipline and mobilization.

“We need to ensure that the wave of the epidemic subsided, went, finally, to decline, which will enable us in the future, step by step, carefully remove the restrictions,” explained the Russian leader.

“We now face a new probably the most intense stage of the epidemic,” said Putin, adding that the peak has not yet passed.

In this regard, the President decided. “We have a large series of may holidays. Between working days – 6, 7 and 8 may. We know that in normal situation, many would not work – would take time off or vacation. And now even more not risk it. Therefore, I believe the right to declare the three-working day with pay” – he said. So with this decision, taking into account all the may holidays period of holidays will last until may 11, inclusive.

“But, I am inthe hole – in strict compliance with preventive measures taken now in the regions”, – he stressed.

After the head of state instructed the government and the working group of the state Council by 5 may to prepare the parameters for the phased lifting of restrictions coronavirus may 12. Putin noted that all regions have different situation, so heads of constituent entities retain additional authority to act is commensurate to the level of threats and the actual situation. “Talking about the simultaneous lifting of all restrictions in Russia is unacceptable,” Putin said.

At the end of his address Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to start the development of large-scale normalization of business life. According to Putin, this large-scale nationwide action plan should not only stabilize, but also to ensure long-term structural changes in the economy, given the new reality that is emerging in the world.

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