the hangout Sitnikov said that his term ends in September, and asked for approval to participate in the elections.

“I have assessed your work, it is generally positive. Therefore I with pleasure will support you”, – said Vladimir Putin. “You just need to happen the main thing – that people have supported them to give you an estimate in the upcoming elections”, – he added. And for this you need to submit the program of development of the region and what it has done in recent years.

the President was also asked about sanitary-epidemiological situation. On March 17 introduced the mode of increased readiness. Since the beginning of the epidemic became ill 691 people, 365 recovered, said Sitnikov.

fixed In the infectious ward are treated 99 patients, three of them on a ventilator. Unfortunately, ten people with severe concomitant diseases could not be saved. “The incidence rate per hundred thousand population is below the national average of more than two and a half times,” – said the head of the region.

Kostroma doctors conducted more than 25 thousand studies on the coronavirus. In may doubled the amount of test in half, the deficit tests are not, the speaker assured.

Deployed 400 beds in hospitals in seven medical institutions. Beds with oxygen supply by six percent more standards. And the occupancy rate of hospital beds are specialized – just 30 percent.