Putin explained the huge salaries of top managers

the Huge salaries of top managers of state corporations the President, “jar”, and in an interview he didn’t hide it. But it’s not so simple as it seems at first glance. Vladimir Putin talked to top management. They explained that they hire a lot of foreigners and have to pay them a salary in accordance with the cost of their services on the international labour market. “If they pay, they like the chiefs should get more,” explained the President.

Photo credit: TASS/ youtube.com Putin explained the difference between oligarchs and modern business

Putin cited the example of a situation with pilots of civil aviation took on the job of pilots of foreign companies, have raised their wage level under European and American standards. “Now, military pilots are happy to go to the copilot’s seat, because the army began to receive less, than in civil aviation. Once this has skewed the labour market, including the Ministry of defence,” he said.

But a top Manager gets a million a day, said the interviewer Andrei vandenko. “About a day, I don’t know, but a bit much, I agree with you,” replied the President. But the world is not such that the chiefs received less than their subordinates. “But it’s honestly hurt and jarred, I agree,” again remarked the head of state, agreeing with the remark of the journalist that we have to be modest.