Putin doesn't want to talk in an interview about the coronavirus, which overshadowed the

the Remaining project series “20 questions to Vladimir Putin”, which is on the 20th of February came on the resources of TASS, will be shown within the big final of the movie. Interview that the President gave Andrei Vandenko, will no longer be published in separate series. The output of the following series were scheduled for Monday, March 23.

In the film, including excerpts of already published series, and the responses of the President that people haven’t heard. The President will share his thoughts on freedom of speech, on the role of journalists in modern society, family, vacation and personal losses Putin. There will also include staff dedicated to the project and several fragments, which were not included in any of the series.

“the Decision on transformation was adopted by TASS in connection with fundamental changes in the news agenda, which goes against the idea of the project is an attempt to evaluate together with Putin change the country for two decades, not the events of the moment. The final stage of the project coincided with the situation information of the “perfect storm” when audience all over the world concerned mainly the coronavirus pandemic of a new type of economic situation”, – said the Agency.

according to a survey published on the website of VTSIOM, the number of citizens who fear that the coronavirus infected they or their loved ones, has increased since February.

In mid-March, a positive answer to the question of fear of infection (given 70% of the respondents, which is 18% higher than in early February. Another 16% are sure that with them, nor with their loved ones, nothing will happen.

Now only 10% of respondents estimated the probability to be infected by the coronavirus as high. More than half (56%) were unsure or did not answer the question about the likelihood of infection. More than 80% of the respondents are well informed about the pandemic, which is 14% more compared to February.

In the efficiency of the Russian epidemiological and coppertreatment services believe more than half of respondents – 61% said that the government will be able to protect them in case of real threat of the epidemic. A third of respondents (32%) gave a negative answer to this question. That the number of cases in Russia in the next week or two will grow, sure 65%, and 22% of them suggested that, in their opinion, the growth will be significant.

In the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus March 19, all Russian regions have moved into high alert mode. According to official statistics, Russia recorded 199 cases of infection with coronavirus, 98 of them were recorded in Moscow – 98. On March 19 it became known about the death of the first patient with a coronavirus in Moscow has died on 79-year-old woman. She suffered from many chronic diseases, and cause of death the doctors called the come-off blood clot. In addition, all arrivals from abroad, the Russians decided to send for the two-week quarantine.