Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated artistic Director of the Theatre of music and poetry, people’s artist of Russia Kamburova Elena on the anniversary. He wished her health and well-being.

Original talent, unique and always recognizable style of singing have enabled You to achieve success, to gain broad professional recognition, but the main thing — to earn the sincere love of the lovers of poetry and music, — is spoken in the telegram of the President.

Soviet and Russian singer and actress, laureate of the state prize of the Russian Federation was 80 years old. 28, she runs her Theatre of music and poetry. Kamburova’s voice sounds in dozens of movies: “the adventures of electronics”, “Once twenty years later”, “Gardemariny, vpered!”, “Come look at me”. In 1974 she performed the title song “Boys and girls” for “jumble”, and in 1988 — lullaby “Sleep, my darling, go to sleep” for “good night, kids”.

Wrote Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has congratulated people’s artist of the USSR, dancer and choreographer Vladimir Vasiliev, who turned 80 years old. Congratulatory telegram from the Russian leader published on the official Kremlin website. In it, he notes the merits Vasiliev, who through their creativity have added “bright, unforgettable page in a creative chronicle of the Bolshoi theater”. The Prime Minister in turn said that Vasiliev is the epitome of “greatness and beauty of the Russian ballet”. He noted that the choreographer has a unique style and perfect technique.