Putin called the city with a high risk of pandemic

Moscow, Moscow region and cities are high-risk areas in connection with the coronavirus. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting on measures to combat COVID-19, reports “Lenta.ru”.

The President stated that the situation with the coronavirus in the country is changing not for the better, and noted that the coming weeks will largely be determining.

Putin: the coming weeks will be decisive

According to him, to fight against the coronavirus is necessary to connect the relevant medical universities and colleges, to provide doctors with all the means of security and, if necessary, to involve the Ministry of defence.


As reported by “the Rambler”, in Russia by 13 April 18328 identified cases of infection with coronavirus. In recent days the number of cases increased by 2558 people. The most difficult situation is in Moscow – for the day it was revealed 1355 new cases of coronavirus. The total number of cases of infections in the capital is 11513. The suburbs is the second most widespread disease in the identified 1,855 cases of coronavirus.