Putin called on banks to help citizens and the economy in fact

the Head of state proposed to discuss how to implement the proposed measures to support citizens and the economy as a pandemic coronavirus.

“We can see that there are obvious problems and difficulties when people are unable to vacation credit, and entrepreneurs with soft loans. They either immediately fail, or wasting time, or presenting obviously impossible demands, and it is not isolated cases”, – noticed Vladimir Putin.

the decisions taken are not enough to declare, so you need to work out all the stages of their implementation, that help came in time so she could take advantage of those who really need it, said the President. “Abstract promises on the lives of people not affected, nobody needs, and the effect of such decisions, from allocation of resources will be low,” he explained.

the Head of state asked the government to carefully analyze the situation and together with the Central Bank promptly make the necessary changes to the regulatory framework.

“All the tools support, including banking products, preferential programs should be as accessible as possible for those citizens and businesses, for which they are intended”, – said the President.