“I asked the popular front to monitor the effectiveness of those measures that we generated and used for all the areas that today. This help individual citizens, families with children in the first place, assistance to businesses, individual industries,” – said the head of state at a meeting in the videoconference, which he conducted from Novo-Ogaryovo.

he Then gave the floor to the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the popular front Mikhail Kuznetsov, who spoke about the surveys performed in the listed areas. “Along the way we share the results of these surveys with the government in order to see all the problem areas”, he said.

Mikhail Kuznetsov said that, according to these studies, measures to support families with children required and work. Speaking about the assistance to SMEs, the Rapporteur said that the most popular measure for the grants for salaries.

“I Have to ask you: to continue the monitoring that I asked you,” asked Vladimir Putin to the speakers. According to him, “this is very important, the feedback needs to be.” He also urged to work with the Cabinet to colleagues can quickly respond to the situation.