As reported in the Kremlin following the meeting, the conversation was prolonged. The leaders noted the relevance of the Russian-French partnership in the solution of current world problems and finding answers to pressing global challenges – international terrorism, climate change, the growing conflict potential in the world. An important task is joining efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus and overcoming the consequences of the pandemic.

Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel macron said the special responsibility of Russia and France as permanent members of the UN security Council for the maintenance of international peace and security. Here it is very important for the implementation of the Russian initiative on the summit of the “nuclear five”.

the Leaders reviewed various aspects of the situation in the sphere of strategic stability. “Emphasized the importance of maintaining existing mechanisms of arms control and strengthening predictability and trust in the military sphere”, – reported in the Kremlin. The heads of state agreed that work will be intensified in the format of “two plus two” with participation of Ministers for foreign Affairs and defense.

the Presidents exchanged opinions on the issues of formation of new architecture of European security, agreed on a list of the main directions of the dialogue on these and other topics through specialized agencies.

Putin and the macron long discussed regional crises. According to the Ukrainian domestic conflict, expressed concern over the lack of progress in implementing key provisions of the Minsk agreements and decisions of the “channel four”. Putin emphasized the necessity of Ukraine’s commitments on the political aspects of the settlement, and no alternative to direct dialogue between Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk.

the two leaders are concerned about the continued fighting in Libya: presidents called for an immediate ceasefire and resumption of dialogue mezhliviysky in accordance with the decisions of the Berlin conference and UN security Council resolution, and also for the consolidation of international efforts for a political and diplomatic settlement.

Putin and macron exchanged views on the situation in Syria. The President of the Russian Federation told about measures undertaken by Russia to normalize in Iglinsky area of de-escalation. Both leaders consider it necessary to continue the uncompromising fight against terrorism and action to improve the humanitarian situation in Syria. These themes will continue to discuss the Ministers of foreign Affairs.

the Leaders also touched upon issues of bilateral cooperation, including an emphasis on cooperation on climate change, Arctic issues and the peaceful atom.

In the context of the anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war pointed out that Russia and France will always rememberü about the glorious pages of the joint fight against Nazism.

Putin confirmed the invitation to come to Russia with a full visit, and Makron it gratefully accepted.