No breathing exercises will not do here. The authors of the document say to do at least 3-4 times a week (but better, of course, every day), start with 10-15 minutes and gradually increasing the load.

Even if you are feeling unwell breathing and simple physical exercises you can do right in bed, lying down. By the way, in the document it is written that after the end of treatment to comply with the insulation 14 days – the time to do them. The Ministry of health recommends that clinics hold classes remotely via telemedicine. But if your not as advanced in the Internet you can find recordings of breathing practices. And some are subscription resources conduct online classes.

According to the document for final recovery of the patients can be sent to a sanatorium, if provided for in the regional road maps for treatment COVID infection. But here you can do this on our own: fresh air, walking somewhere in a pine forest or, if possible, a trip to the sea is always good.

the Ministry of health recommendations there are complexes of medical gymnastics for patients with different status level. Exercises a few dozen. We chose for example a few simple and versatile.

On that note, recovering from COVID-19, “RG – Week” told our resident expert, doctor-pulmonologist of the Pirogov center (CDC Arbatskaya) Olga Bogush.

– it is Now clear that even with a minor illness, many do not manage to avoid complications. Some of the observed fibrosis – damage to the lungs when normal tissue is replaced by connective. In the lung, in fact, there are scars. This reduces the respiratory surface of the lungs. If the affected small areas, people do not notice. But if the fibrosis is more pronounced shortness of breath occurs.

to Do the physical restore must. First of all this breathing exercises – exercises designed to restore the respiratory muscles, strengthening the muscles responsible for inhaling and exhaling. It is important to involve the lower parts of the lungs, which in normal life breathing is almost not used. So, for example, focused yoga practice.

Many of my patients who now come to me for advice, doing the Buteyko method is a special “shallow” breathing, which is the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the body. They say that helps them. But still postaveny patients I recommend “paradoxical” exercises, which many years ago has developed Alexander Strelnikov.

These exercises work well when you have asthma, other chronic lung diseases. The recommendations of the Ministry of health, by the way, stated that it is possible to practice yoga breathing and diaphragmatic, and the so-called full. At way of performing these breathing practices are different, but on the condition of the lungs are good and that and another.

an Important point: to confine the breathing exercise is not necessary, it is necessary to add physical stress. Remains a strong weakness can be lying in bed, doing very simple things: balloons, slowly exhale through a thin tube in water. There’s a special breathing equipment – they are a useful, albeit quite expensive. I think it can be done using any means available.

When the conditions will allow to stand, add exercises. If the house has a simulator – step path, or bike, use them to increase aerobic exercise. If not, no big deal. Regular brisk walking, arm swing, bending of the trunk and other basic exercises will help to recover faster.

If possible, exercise in the fresh air. The most simple and safe – walking at a brisk pace, you can connect poles (Nordic walking), use of a Bicycle.

Sometimes patients themselves delay the process of recovery. For example, they would still have a residual cough, and they do inhalations with mucolytics – Mucosolvan or by some other similar drug. This without a doctor’s prescription to do. Inhalation to hydrate the Airways healthy – mineral water, with saline. But if you add mucolytics, this will provoke a cough.

I Want to warn: if the unpleasant symptoms over time are not increasing shortness of breath, deteriorating health, the cough takes on a different character, he’s joined by wheezing, for example, it is not necessary to be treated yourself, you need to go to the doctor and be examined.

in addition to gymnastics is also good to carry vibrating massage. It’s easy: easy tap his hands on the chest, stomach, and ask someone also clap for a few minutes on the back. It helps to clear the Airways of mucus, works as a prophylaxis of stagnant phenomena in the lungs.

Finally, an important tip: I have all my patients, including older age, you should certainly be vaccinated not only against flu, but also against pneumococcus. This vaccine protects against secondary bacterial pneumonia. By the way, about 40 of my patients with chronic lung diseases who were in this season vaccinated against pneumococcus, the coronavirus has infected just one and ill quite easily. So perhaps this vaccination, stimulating the immune system, helps protect you from coronavirus.

guidelines for rehabilitation of sick COVID on the website of the Ministry of health is intended primarily for doctors, but at the end of the document are a few of the full complex of medical and respiratory gymnastics is to take them on armament��tion of any person.