HAVANA, may 17. /TASS/ — a Plebiscite will be held simultaneously with local elections.

the Governor Puerto Rico Wanda Vazquez signed a law on 3 November referendum on the question of annexation of the island to the United States as a state. On Saturday told a local TV channel Univision.

the TV Channel notes that the referendum will be held simultaneously with local elections. But the plebiscite does not provide that the United States will have to accept the outcome of the vote.

the Current international-law status Puerto Rico annexed by the United States during Spanish-American war of 1898, in many respects contradictory. So, Puerto Ricans are officially citizens of the United States, but do not pay taxes to the Federal Treasury and are not eligible to participate in the presidential elections.

the Supreme legislative power in the island vested in the Congress of the United States: he is responsible for issues of foreign policy, defense, local law. In the House of representatives of the us Congress interests Puerto Rico represents Commissioner resident, does not have the right to vote. Executive power on the island is in the hands of the Governor. The island receives very significant support from the Federal budget of the United States.

In 2012, Puerto Rico held a referendum, the majority of the participants voted for joining US. However, as outlined in the resolution, “the political representatives of the Puerto Rico and the United States still has not commenced the process of decolonization”. In June 2017 on the island was another referendum, which was won by the supporters of joining the archipelago to the United States as a new state.