During the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 was recorded on 9 051 949 times. 470 822 patients died, 4 842 043 recovered. The increase amounted to 130 382 — significantly less than in the previous five days. The number of new cases continue to “lead” US, Brazil, India and Russia.

In Russia fixed 584 680 cases of coronavirus, 8 of the 111 patients recovered, 339 711 died. Spent around 17 million tests.

Oberstab of the Moscow oblast provided information on city districts of the Moscow region yesterday.

Actual data for all regions of Russia and other countries are on the interactive map Yandex.

the Number of cases of coronavirus in USA made 2 356 657, it increased by 26 079 per day. During the pandemic died 122 of 247 patients, recovered 980 355.

In Brazil the increase was minimal after 1 June, amounting to 16 851. The number of new cases was considerably less than before and especially two days earlier, however, the country on this indicator takes the second place in the world after the United States. Only Brazil recorded 1 086 990 cases 50 659 patients died, 579 226 recovered.

In India the number of cases of coronavirus has increased by 15 to 183, making 426 910. The increase was smaller than yesterday, but more than any day before. During pandemic 13 703 patients have died, 237 252 recovered.

Researchers from Harvard medical school suggested that the coronavirus appeared in August 2019.

Actor and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke out against the politicization of wearing masks. He said that scientists clearly believe the wearing of masks effective way to slow the spread of coronavirus, and has criticized Republicans regarded it as a restriction of personal freedom.