the Number of cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19, an increase of 97 128 per day, exceeded 4 million and reached 4 014 500. According to the statistics of the website, Worldometer, 276 253 patients died, 1 387 259 recovered, 48 699 are in serious condition. Russia remains in fifth place in the total number infected, and the growth rate of almost shares the second place with Brazil.

USA reported a 29 162 new cases in total 1 322 163 – the United States continues to several times surpass all other countries. 78 616 patients died, 223 749 – recovered, in a serious condition are 16 978.

In Spain coronavirus was diagnosed with 260 117 patients (+3 262 per day). Of them died 26 299 (229 per day), and recovered 168 408. For more than two weeks the number of recovering patients every day exceeds the number of new cases.

the Number of deaths from coronavirus in Italy per day increased by 243 and exceeded 30 thousand, amounting to 30 201. In total, the country recorded 217 185 cases, including 1 327 per day. Already recovered 99 023.

UK was the fourth country in the world in terms of growth. In it for the day recorded 4 649 cases during the pandemic, this number was 211 364. Died of coronavirus 31 241 people. During the day, the number of deaths increased by 626.

In Russia coronavirus diagnosed 187 859 times, 1 723 patients died, 26 608 recovered. The country held about 5 million tests. Yesterday growth was 10 699.

one day in Moscow, died, 54 patients with coronavirus.

Operational headquarters in the Moscow region was published in their social networking information on the situation with coronavirus yesterday in different regions of the Moscow region.

the latest information on Russia and other countries can be seen on the interactive map Yandex (statistics are given according to CPS and Johns Hopkins University).

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin congratulates Muscovites on Victory Day. In his blog, he posted a video message in which he expressed confidence that after completion of the pandemic Muscovites will be able to take to the streets again to celebrate this holiday.