During the day, the number of cases of coronavirus COVID-19 increased by 124 103— a few less than the day before, but more than any other day since the beginning of the pandemic. As growth continues to lead Brazil, followed by USA, Russia, India, and Peru. “Top five” in absolute numbers, the United States, Brazil, Russia, Spain and the UK. During the pandemic coronavirus was diagnosed 6 160 805 times, died, 371 008 patients recovered 2 738 306.

In Russia the number of cases amounted to 396 575. 4 555 patients died, 167 469 recovered. Yesterday coronavirus was registered 8 952 times.

the Suburban oberstab published information on the spread of coronavirus in the Moscow region yesterday.

Data for all regions of Russia and other countries are placed on an interactive map of Yandex.

In USA the number of cases has reached 1 816 820, an increase of 23 290. Died 105 557, recovered 105 557. As the total number of cases and number of deaths United States continues repeatedly to “beat” other countries.

In Brazil the growth per day for the first time exceeded 30 thousand, reaching 105 557. During a pandemic, the country recorded 498 440 cases, died 28 834 patient, recovered 205 371.

India the growth rate is almost on par with Russia — it recorded 8 336 cases during the day and 181 827 during the pandemic. In Peru these numbers were 7 386, and 155 671.