During the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 he was diagnosed already 3 388 936 times. The number of deaths had reached 238 937, 076 recovered 1 404 patients. In 37 countries the number of recorded cases has already exceeded 10 thousand, and 8 of them exceeded 100 thousand.

a Variety of trends two days ago continued yesterday. The number and growth of cases of infection, as well as a new and total number of deaths continues with a large margin to lead the United States of America. The number of deaths per day followed by the UK, and the number of new infected – Russia, Brazil and, again, the United Kingdom.

By midnight Moscow time in USA recorded a 1,124,669 cases, including 29 646 per day.65 510 patients died, 158 921 recovered. 313 855 cases occur in the state of new York, 121 190 – new Jersey.

In Spain the number of cases has reached 242 988 (24 824 died 142 450 recovered), and in Italy 207 428 (28 236 died, 78 249 recovered). In both countries for some time of new infections per day that is fixed by the less than patient outcomes.

In UK coronavirus has been diagnosed already 177 454 times (6 201 per night), the number of deaths during the pandemic was 27 510 (+739). The UK is followed by France (167 346) and Germany (163 855 cases) in seventh place – Turkey (122 of 392 cases).

Russia is located on the eighth row. The country recorded 114 431 cases of infection with coronavirus, 1, 169 patients died, 13 recovered, 220.

one day in Moscow has died the 37 patients with coronavirus.

Detailed information on the situation in the suburbs was published on the pages in social networks oberstab Moscow region

Information on the spread of the coronavirus in all countries and regions of Russia can be seen on the interactive map Yandex.

Minister of construction and housing and communal services Vladimir Yakushev was hospitalized. As reported in the Ministry of construction, an official of diagnosed infection with coronavirus COVID-19.