a day in the world of recorded 213 279 cases of coronavirus COVID-19 – the increase was among the highest for a pandemic. The total number of cases exceeded 12 million, amounting to 12 170 742. Died 552 114 patients, recovered 7 070 188. Russia to increase during the day in fifth place after the USA, Brazil, India and South Africa.

the Number of cases in Russia yesterday reached 700 thousand, an increase of 6 562 per day. Now it is 700 792.

Data on city districts of the Moscow region yesterday, was presented in social networks.

the latest information on all regions of Russia and other countries of the world can be found on the interactive map Yandex.

In the United States recorded the highest increase during the day — he was equal to 61 848. The total number of cases of coronavirus in the country amounted to 3 158 932. In Brazil the number of cases increased by 41 541, amounting to 1 716 196. In India, as in the United States, the increase was a record for the country — the number of cases recorded per day, was 25 571, during the pandemic, the number reached 769 052.

Minister of health Michael Murashko said that the situation with coronavirus in Russia stabiliziruemost, and the number of new cases is declining in almost all regions of the country.

Also Murashko promised the Russians that vaccination against coronavirus in the country will be voluntary.

the Minister added that the Russians during the holidays should continue to observe the rules of prevention for coronavirus.