During the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 he was diagnosed 3 138 989. 218 013 patients died 956 094 recovered. The number of reported cases Russia yesterday ahead of Iran, being in eighth place, while Britain was ahead of Germany and was on the fifth line.

USA reported 1 035 765 cases of the coronavirus, including 301 450 in the state of new York. 59 266 patients died, 142 238 recovered. Prirosta new cases (+25 409) was one of the lowest in April, while the number of new deaths (+2 470) – one of the largest.

In Spain coronavirus was diagnosed with 232 128 patients (+2,706), died 23 822 and recovered 123 903

Italy became the third country in the world where the coronavirus was diagnosed more than 200 thousand times. In total, the country recorded 201 505 cases, 27 of 359 patients had died, 68 941 recovered. In France with the start of the pandemic 911 165 recorded cases of coronavirus, 23 660 patients died, 46 886 recovered.

UK yesterday, came in fifth place in the total number of cases (of161 145). She also was in fourth place in the growth per day (+3 996) and the second for the number of new deaths (+586). The country died 21 678.

the Total number of cases in Russia has reached 93 558, 456 8 patients recovered, 867 died. Yesterday, the growth in the country amounted to +6 411, and Russia once again appeared on this indicator in second place in the world after US (although Brazil, where there were 6 398, not too “behind”). The total number of cases in the country was in eighth place.

Operational headquarters for control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus in Moscow reported that Moscow is the world leader among cities in the number of tests COVID-19 per 100 thousand people. It is also reported that in days in the Russian capital died 67 patients who test positive for the coronavirus and confirmed pneumonia.

the Moscow region has published detailed data on the situation of coronavirus in the districts of yesterday:

Information on distribution COVID-19 in all overseas countries and regions of Russia can be found by using the interactive map Yandex: