– “Tower” is not the first year represents Russia in the ranking of young universities tne, – said the rector of HSE, Yaroslav Kuzminov. Is, of course, and our achievement, but also a great responsibility. It is important for us not just to move up themselves, but also to disseminate best practices to the entire system of Russian higher education. If the country will be ten or even several tens of strong universities, the situation will not change dramatically. Every Russian University should have access to advanced knowledge and the ability to pass it on to their students. The only way we can make our universities visible on the world stage and can compete with leading foreign universities.

by the Way, in a different ranking of young universities – from the Agency for QS – “Tower” are: 31 place in the top 50.

Another Russian young University, noted in the rating THE – SFU – it is presented in the 351-400 range.

In a group of young universities separate the so-called universities the Millennials – those born after 2000. Here SFU, which opened in 2006, is located on the 73rd position and became the only representative of the Russian higher education among the best universities of Millennials.

the Rating of universities of a “Golden generation” were first released in 2017 for universities created in the years 1945-1967. This year the list of the best universities of the “Golden generation” includes six Russian universities, three of which are participants of the Project 5-100. The two universities entered the top-100: MIPT climbed four places up compared to last year and took the 31-th row, Novosibirsk state University 95 positions. PFUR is situated in the range 101-150.

the rating also included the NSTU (201-205), PERM national research Polytechnic University (251-300) and MOUTH MIREA (301+).

Name Beatty, chief knowledge tne:

top young universities estimates THE research universities of the world level for the same strict and the expanded scale of 13 performance indicators that the traditional rating of the best universities in THE world, but adjusted for the advantages of universities a new generation. Yet behind the centuries-old history and an established reputation, but, nevertheless, they are beginning to compete successfully on the world stage with the old universities.