Published data on people infected with the coronavirus in the morning of April 17

Johns Hopkins University have published new data on infected with coronavirus on the morning of April 17. According to him, the total number of infected SARS-CoV-2 in the world reached 2 158 250 per day contracted 95 thousand people.

In 185 countries since the beginning of the pandemic died 144,2 thousands of patients 543,9 thousand recovered.

Antiliderami the level of infection are the USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

In Russia, the number of deceased has increased to 246. In total, the country recorded more than 27.9 thousand cases of infection, of them last night — 3448 cases. 2304 recovered person.

One of the victims of coronavirus infection was 79-year-old Director and producer Alexander Radov. He died April 16 of pneumonia at the hospital named after Filatov.

Later, glavvrach “Filutowski” Valery Vechorko warned that the hospital is working at capacity. According to him, it is still possible to seek reserves, however, the number of patients with coronavirus is constantly increasing, now the hospital treats more than a thousand people, although it was initially planned to accommodate only 1,300.