In the corruption trial against the voted-out Frankfurt Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD), the regional court will announce its verdict this Friday (10:00 a.m.). The SPD politician is accused of accepting advantages in several cases, and he himself has repeatedly denied the allegations. The focus of the proceedings is an overpaid job of his then girlfriend and later wife at the head of a newly created German-Turkish daycare center run by Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Awo).

This was only granted by the Awo because it was the mayor’s girlfriend, the public prosecutor’s office explained in their plea. In addition, according to the allegations, there was a bogus mini-job and a company car.

The proceedings also concern campaign donations for Feldmann collected by Awo. In return, Feldmann, as a politician, behaved benevolently towards the social association, the public prosecutor explained in their plea and demanded a fine totaling 31,500 euros.

The defense, however, asked for an acquittal. Feldmann himself said he was hoping for an acquittal. If the verdict were negative, he would lose his pension. Feldmann was voted out in a referendum in November.

The youth welfare offices in Germany are urgently looking for foster parents. Immigration, a shortage of skilled workers and the increase in “complex” cases are now pushing homes to their capacity limits. But foster parents are choosy, according to the experience of a head of the youth welfare office in Bad Kissingen.

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