Employees in the public sector, which have already used their vacation days, get a free game in the government’s new corona-agreement.

in turn, the employees still have vacation days or time off for good in this holiday year, be forced to settle up to five days in the period until 13. april, if they do not have something to do. It is clear after a news conference Friday morning, general, rasmussen, Morten Bødskov presented the agreement.

the Liberal Alliance and the Conservatives wonder why public employees without remaining holiday not to contribute.

Why should some public employees get rid completely, when you could have gone after the same conditions in the private labour market, where employees must use five days of leave from the new leave year, if their workplace to get financial help in the form of salary, ask party leader Alex Vanopslagh (LA).

“It’s hard to see the sense in that public servants must be promoted so much more than the private sector. Why must public employees do not contribute on an equal footing with the private sector? It owes both the government and the public unions, the answer to,” he says.

the Conservatives also can’t see the logic in the agreement.

“It is a discrimination, as we would like, in addition to. It would have been most fair if there was a level playing field between public employees and private sector employees. In principle, this should have been exactly the same,” says political rapporteur Mette Abildgaard (K)

in Addition, she is happy, to which there was made an agreement with the public employees.

“We had feared, that it did not come,” she says.

At the press conference on Friday morning asked the B. T., the conditions applicable for public servants, who do not have vacations, holidays or time off in lieu back.

“Well, then there is nothing to contribute with. It is this that is the agreement. It is the remaining vacation, you can settle,” explains general, rasmussen, Morten Bødskov.

Why is it reasonable that there should be the difference from private sector employees?

“I think it is a deal that is in the balance. The agreement is expressed that public employees are truly making a big bet, and also here are ready to give a solid handshake, that they are ready to bring Denmark through the crisis,” says Morten Bødskov.