Public backlash as star journo Ross Kemp allowed into Covid 19 ward but visits remain off limits for mortals

Relatives and friends of Covid-19 patients aren’t allowed to visit their loved ones in hospital. But celebrity journalist Ross Kemp and his camera crew are. Commenters on twitter are furious.

More than 78,000 cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus have been recorded in the UK, with more than 1,500 of these critical. Owing to the risk of transmission, the National Health Service (NHS) last week suspended all hospital visits “with immediate effect and until further notice.”

However, former ‘EastEnders’ star and TV journalist Ross Kemp has been granted access to film his new series, ‘Ross Kemp: On the NHS Frontline.’ In a video posted to Twitter on Friday, Kemp described suiting up in protective gear to enter an intensive care unit in Milton Keynes Hospital, “to witness the incredible efforts of medics treating Covid 19 patients.”

I’ve just been fitted for PPE and we’re about to go into an intensive care unit at Milton Keynes Hospital to witness the incredible efforts of medics treating Covid 19 patients. Please note we won’t be depleting the hospital’s PPE stock

Kemp’s documentaries on gangland crime have earned him a BAFTA award, and his journalistic jaunts to Afghanistan, the Amazon and pirate-infested oceans near Somalia have earned him the respect of millions of viewers. However, the former soap star’s latest effort was met with fury online.

“People can’t be with their loved ones when they die, but Ross Kemp gets to film them instead,” one commenter tweeted. “Ghoulish behaviour and shame on @MKHospital for allowing this.”

My wife is in intensive care in an induced coma. I am not allowed to go and see her, but Grant Mitchell is able to go and invade the ward. How on earth is this fair!? ?

Christ. These people are near to death and their families can’t even get in to see them at their moment of desperate need, but YOU walk in because you’re famous. Take a look at yourself and your choices here. It isn’t pretty.

People allowed access to Covid-19 patients in ICU:Parents ❌Spouses ❌Siblings ❌Family members ❌Loved ones ❌Friends ❌Guardians ❌TV crew & Ross Kemp ✅

Kemp said that his team will donate enough protective equipment to the NHS to cover the supplies they use, and the hospital in question also pointed out that “it’s in the public interest to show them how hospitals are preparing.” However, the Twitter mob still seethed at Kemp for “getting in the way” of the medical professionals at work.

Meanwhile, normal Britons remain confined to their houses on this Easter weekend under government orders. At a press conference on Saturday, Home Secretary Priti Patel warned anyone thinking of heading to the countryside that “our selfless police, who are out there risking their own lives to save others, will be unafraid to act.”

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