at Proximus, it will be shareholders over the next three years pay a dividend: 1.20 euros instead of 1.50 for the euro over the past five or six years. The second-largest shareholder, the Belgian government will see this each and every year, 54.3 million euro to the nose a try.

as for The government, with 53,51% of the shares were the biggest victims. Over the past few years, she could count on to 271,3 million euros in dividends, that is, over the next three years, up to 217 million euros. Significantly, in that the dividend to be cut, will be the new president and CEO Guillaume Boutin is following in the footsteps of his predecessor: they also have Dominique Leroy, cut the dividend, just as they are getting her period started.

More about Proximus Proximus is to start with the roll-out, 5G is in the five of Limburg, municipalities, Proximus, starting with 5 g of “light”, but it’s already time to make the move? Co-operation, Proximus, Orange can, once again, from the start of the time in the office to hang out: which streaming service is really worth the effort, and for what price? We have to put them all in a row