The chief doctor of the 40th Metropolitan hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko said that the disease COVID-19 proceeded in his “middle form”.

Fairly typical in high form, with fever, with a certain amount of lung lesions on CT scan — he told on air of TV channel “Russia 1”.

Protsenko said that he was treated “deambulatorio”, using the same therapy used for patients with coronavirus in the hospital.

Wrote, Protsenko said earlier that the sudden loss of smell and touch is a common symptom of coronavirus. According to him, when he got sick with coronavirus sense of smell was restored only on the fifth day.

The number of coronavirus recovered from patients in Moscow has increased during the day, at 608. The total number of Muscovites, who have recovered from infection, reached 6374.

According to may 2, in the world COVID-19 were detected in more than 3.4 million people. Over 239 thousand died. In Russia, according to the Federal operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus, ill 114 573 people. 1172 died. To defeat the disease managed 13 285 patients.