Denis Protsenko, the chief physician of the Moscow hospital No. 40 in Moscow, warned against expectations associated with the release of the epidemic of the coronavirus in the plateau. He said this during live broadcast to Facebook.

“Analysis of all known from the beginning of the last century, epidemics of influenza have shown that not all of them proceeded according to the scenario: growth, plateau, decline. Often, the outbreak happened three waves, which stretched over a long period of time,” citing Dr. RIA Novosti reported.

the yield on the plateau and reducing the number infected is not a complete victory over coronavirus, said Protsenko. Pandemic COVID-19, declared by the who, captured most of the world. Infected more than three million people. Most of the patients diagnosed with the coronavirus in the United States, Spain and Italy.

a new virus has infected 106 thousand 498 persons, of whom over 11 thousand are already recovered. The outbreak of a new disease was registered in the end of 2019 in Central China.