A biologist wanted to give a lecture on gender at the Humboldt University. But because the “working group of critical lawyers at the Humboldt University in Berlin” had called for protests, the organizers canceled the lecture at short notice.

No place for scientific discourse? Before the “Long Night of Science 2022”, the Humboldt University in Berlin canceled the lecture given by a female scientist at short notice. A lecture by the biologist and doctoral student at the university, Marie-Luise Vollbrecht, had been planned with the title: “Gender is not the same as gender. Sex, gender and why there are only two genders in biology.”

But the lecture was canceled by the university on Saturday afternoon – for security reasons, as the organizers announced. This is reported by the “BZ”.

Because: The “working group of critical lawyers at Humboldt University Berlin” (AKJ) spontaneously called for a demonstration on Saturday afternoon in front of the main building of Humboldt University. They accuse the biologist of transphobia. “Closed against trans * hostility – no stage for the co-author of statements of a ‘biological reality of gender binary’ and ‘woker trans ideology'”, it said in the demo call. And further: “There is none at our university Room for queerism. See you on the street!”

A university spokeswoman told the “BZ”: “Ms. Vollbrecht’s lecture was canceled in the interest of the entire event and the visitors. The debate about the lecture threatens to overshadow all other offers.”

Education and Economics Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger reprimanded the university after the lecture was canceled. Compared to “Bild” she said: “It must not be in the hands of activists which positions may be heard and which not.” And further: “Science thrives on freedom and debate. Everyone has to endure that.”

The President of the German University Association, Bernhard Kempen, also sharply criticized the cancellation of the lecture. The university has done academic freedom a disservice, Kempen told the German Press Agency on Monday. “Instead, she should have shown her backbone and done everything to ensure that the lecture could take place,” says Kempen.

The biologist said the cancellation made her “sad”. That the university would cave in “to radical, violent activists who have no understanding of biology is understandable, but alarming.”

The motto of this year’s “Long Night of Science” was “Science as an answer to fake news, conspiracy theories and fatal errors”.

In her presentation, Vollbrecht wanted to explain why, from her point of view, there are only two biological sexes and why a distinction must be made between biological sex and gender roles.