around seven o’clock have blocked the members of the group “Collective Climate Justice,” offices of Credit Suisse and UBS. In a side street of the Zurich parade square was chained themselves activists in front of the staff entrance of the CS to flower pots, such as the movement spread pictures show. The Zurich city police confirmed to the news Agency Keystone SDA for use on the parade square.

In Basel protest the members of the international climate movement in front of the headquarters of UBS in the Aeschenvorstadt. According to the activists involved hundreds of people at the Protest. To VIEW one of the participants says: “If it must be, we remain 48 hours here.”

In the eyes of the protesters, the two big Swiss banks are among the biggest CO2 polluters in Switzerland. Not because of their direct business activities, but because they financed of the climate-damaging transactions. The “Collective Climate Justice” demands from the Swiss financial place in the immediate phase-out of coal, Oil and Gas.

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