Russian singer, finalist of the project “Factory of stars-6”, the laureate of the contest of young performers “the Morning star” Prokhor Chaliapin commented on your page in the Instagram dispute that erupted in the “star party” after the statement of the producer Joseph Prigogine that the pandemic coronavirus and forced the cancellation of concerts led by popular artists to the plight.

the Singer stressed that in the current situation more difficult to account for “ordinary” Ministers of art, living in the regions far from the “star party”, but really busy preserving the culture of the country.

“a Few words about the artists from the state… First of all, I would support not the first “galaxy of stars”, and those artists who work in the state and national theaters, in restaurants, acts in circuses, in choirs, dance ensembles, he… events anyone who does not have access to television… fame… Who earns a living by creative work and, by and large, does a lot more for the development of arts and preservation of culture in Russia than “superstars”, – wrote Chaliapin.

the Singer agreed with Sergei Shnurov that popular, mainstream pop music today is just a “get-together on TV.”

“Patriotism… is not about awards and medals, not inspirational words about love of country and his audience, and in respect and compassion to those people to whom the artists perform. You have to be humble, Lord “superstars”!”, – he concluded.

Publish from Prokhor Chaliapin ?? (@shalyapin_official) 28 May, 2020 at 2:31 PDT

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