MOSCOW, 29 April/ Radio Sputnik. The German government on Wednesday announced the renewal of a warning about the dangers of international travel due to pandemic coronavirus infection.

“It’s a decision we had to make, because the situation has not changed so much, so we can allow for carefree travel. As before, many countries have restrictions on entry, quarantine measures, international air transportation is suspended, it is therefore necessary to extend the warning about the dangers of traveling around the world until mid-June”, – quotes RIA Novosti words of the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas.

According to him, even in the conditions of easing of restrictive measures in a number of countries “must proceed from the fact that it will be another week until the situation in Germany and other countries normalizerbase”.

“Therefore, we do not believe that in the next week at least until June 14, you can renew international trips,” said Maas.

He recalled that in the past four weeks, Germany has returned to the country of 250 thousand of tourists, but this summer the country will not be able to carry out a similar operation if it is necessary. Therefore, the assurance of the Minister, “much will depend on how we will deal with the pandemic, and it depends on everyone.”

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that in France indicated when you can start to move without restriction.

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