the British Professor Chris whitty spoke with grim warnings about the threat of the second peak of coronavirus, which may be even worse than the first. These forecasts were made on the background of statements of representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers that the quarantine could last for several months – while the number of new infections in the country will not be below 1000 per day.

Professor whitty warned that the story Covid-19 is very far from completion, and the eradication of this disease “technically impossible”. This means, he said that the coronavirus may again fall on Britain in the colder months. Moreover, it is in the winter, the infection can spread even faster, he said.

“Not only in “Game of thrones” winter is always close, – said the chief sanitary doctor of England in his online lectures for Gresham College, for health services, the winter is always worse than summer, spring and autumn. You have to think about winter.”

will Appear in the winter is a seasonal effect in the case of a coronavirus, while it is difficult to judge says Professor. In General, according to Chris witty, the researchers have accumulated a lot of questions to the coronavirus, which has yet to find the answers. For example, what is the true proportion of asymptomatic cases. How long does immunity to the virus? How contribute to the spread of the virus children? Why have sick people in a week there comes a deterioration? And why do men die more often than women? The issues is the behavior of the coronavirus in the cold season.

But if the seasonal element is still there- and most respiratory viruses are more likely transmitted just in the winter, then there is considerable likelihood of transmission of coronavirus in the cold season.

in the meantime, representatives of the health care system are trying to assess what will happen if further waves of the virus coincides with the usual winter activities – such as the increase of influenza.

hopefully, continues Professor whitty, which when the winter comes, the measures of social distancing may help reduce the incidence of influenza and other respiratory diseases.

the Performance of Chris witty took place after Prime Minister Boris Johnson held his first after recovering from coronavirus press conference at Downing street and stated that Britain overcame the peak of the disease.

Urging people not to relax and not to engage in self-congratulatory Chris whitty stated that if the speed of propagation of the virus, will not be able to keep below the unit (when each infected person can transmit the virus on average less than one person), then the country will face another dangerous tsunami in the fashion industry: “it is likely that the second wave, if it cannot be mitigated, will be more severe than the first wave.”

Now in the UK the speed of propagation of the virus is estimated at values between 0,6 and 0,9. But if you allow this indicator to rise above 1 for any extended period, “this again will lead to explosive growth, and the risk that many people will catch the infection, and health services will be overwhelmed,” says witty.

According to the Professor, every country that is now trying to mitigate the restrictive measures must be extremely balanced to keep the pandemic under control in the coming months.