experts of the medical centre of the Erasmus University and the Harvard school of public health named Chan came to the conclusion that eating whole grains is associated with lower risk of developing type II diabetes.

– it is believed that the consumption of carbohydrates in large quantities increases the risk of developing type II diabetes. We compared the effect of consuming high-quality carbs and poor carbs. The latter include refined grains, sugary products and potatoes, – said the head of research group, doctor of medical Sciences Kim brown.

Experts analyzed data from three studies involving more than 200 thousand people. During the observation period 12 thousand of them have developed diabetes.

a lower risk of developing the disease was recorded, when, instead of saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, animal and vegetable protein people were getting high quality calories from slow carbohydrates. The same effect was observed when changing the diet fast carbs into saturated fats.