There is a “significant risk” by allowing nurseries and kindergarten, as well as 0.-5. classes in the country’s schools open again after easter, as prime minister, Mette Frederiksen (S) has announced in a press conference on Monday.

It assesses the professor Allan Randrup Thomsen from the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at Copenhagen University.

“It may be the epidemic blooms up again. The whole oplukningsprocessen may be delayed, because we will be shutting down again. So it can take a long time if it goes wrong.”

“We’re out in an experiment that may go and be seriously. It may also be that it works. But I think we are on uncertain ground, when we do it here,” he says.

According to Allan Randrup Thomsen is not known with certainty, how large smittetrykket is among the smaller children. Although it seems to be low, there is no evidence for it, he points out.

Therefore, there is a risk to the children spreading the coronavirus, when they again come out in kindergartens and schools.

the Government proposes that there must be taken a number of measures to ensure that the gradual opening-up does not cause major diseases.

But it is not necessarily enough, says the assessment from Allan Randrup Thomsen.

“We have to make do with a relatively large part of the population, who are being unleashed, and which is not verifiable in the same way as older children and adults.”

“So it is harder to explain the social rules and hygiene and so on. Them have chosen to get loose, while at the same time we do not know anything about how many infected people there are among children. So I am concerned about,” he says.