“I can’t believe it,” says Simon, R. “the fact That a colleague is doing something.” In his voice of disbelief resonates. And he, too, couldn’t believe it for a long time. Started it all had the bottles in year 2016, with its mineral water. As always, you were in the break room of the valves and fittings company, in which he has been working for ten years. At once something was White to, several times. Particles, such as in a snow globe, it tasted sweet. But what could it be? First he drank the water, then he tipped it. From time to time, there is also the matter of the weakness that overcame him suddenly.

“I was thinking at the time, to have the check”, says Simon R. this Morning as a witness before the Bielefeld district court. But it was not until he discovered in March 2018 and strange crumbs on his break bread, sometimes white on top of the jam, brown the ham, he came to the thought of his inexplicable kidney disease, the year long Nausea, stomach pain, and weakness could have been caused by a poisoning.

at the time, Simon R. experienced a year-long physical decline of his colleagues: “The B. ate his bread-and-butter, and then he vomited, coughed.” He suffered from headaches and circulatory problems, the hospital, the inability to work, stays, finally. “For me, it was the same symptoms that my colleague had a year before,” says Simon R.

“Mr. B., Klaus O. and I, we have always been a Threesome in a layer,” says Simon, R., And now? Simon R., 27 years old, just before the dialysis, his colleague, Udo B., 57, four times the Laundry of the week to the blood, without a prospect of improvement, and a colleague from the next Department is for more than a year in coma. And on the dock of the Bielefeld district court-grade view Klaus O., Schlosser sits with impenetrable, 57 years old.

“I don’t know what any of your business”

The public Prosecutor’s office accuses to him to have his colleagues for years, poisoned, attempted murder in three cases, maximum penalty: life. The question is: Why could Klaus O. have done this? Prosecutor Veit, Walter says, o I want the suffering of their colleagues admire. O. self is silent.

“so How was your relationship with colleagues?”, had the presiding judge Georg Zimmermann asked the witnesses R. “Mr. B., I have a very good relationship,” says Simon, R. “The Klaus O. I asked at the beginning what he’s doing on the weekend. He said: I don’t know what business of yours.” Now radio silence.

“Was it because of conflicts?”, the Chairman asks. “No,” Simon R. shakes his head. “I don’t know anything of the. He has done his work well. But he has not spoken to anyone. He was closed. We have the respect and him left alone.” The dispute never existed.

While Simon R. of his medical history reported, look at Klaus O. him Once. Earlier, says R., he was Jogging 18 miles in one day. Today, he had difficulty climbing stairs. “My kidney is so damaged that only 22 percent of the function, so I’ll probably dialysis patient.” Also a transplant would not help.

On the big screen in the courtroom are now see photos: a whole-grain bread with ham, a dark brown powder, then of a poultry fillet, the whitish buildup acetate – presumably cadmium and lead.

In the night he slept hardly

Simon R. has made the photos, without the O. in order to notice. The night before he decided to go with a dirty bread to the works Council, he was asleep. “Anything had to be pre-fall,” he says. “And except for the cleaning lady and no one was in the room. But it was such a serious suspicion. And I also wanted to not panic. It would have to be something Harmless. To trust even each other.”

Today, it is thanks to Simon R. s discretion, that a Video exists that documents what happened, recorded by a surveillance camera, installed the operating line, specifically. The Chairman presses on the remote control, on the screen you can see the break room of the fittings company: filing cabinets, a table with chairs, a backpack.

From the right shows up, Klaus O., with a file folder in his Arm. With quiet movements he fished out of the backpack and a pink lunchbox, opens it, takes out of the files folder is a folded piece of paper and scatters it a bit on the bread. Then he puts the lunch box back in the backpack, the folders in the closet and leaves the room. “Is that your backpack?”, the Chairman, Simon R. “Yes, ask.” “And Your Lunch Box?” Simon R. nods. “And the bread I made then to the police and report it.”

Simon R. acts taken. At the end of his lawyer, Ralph Niemeier asks him to say something about the psychological consequences of the poison attack. He was trying to accept what had happened, says Simon R., And also that no therapy could help. “But the Lord B. and the other colleague who is now in a coma, no longer able to participate in the life, as you otherwise have made.”

Then, in 2016, as the white particles floated in his water bottle, he has shown to the colleagues. The was of the opinion that the phenomenon flows perhaps from the sunlight. “Another colleague has said that I should go to the police. I haven’t done, blame me now.”

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