Problems on Diamond Princess grow like a snowball: the Japanese were not ready to quarantine

the Japanese authorities do not solve on your ship Diamond Princess situation. Problems can snowball. On February 12, pending the evacuation of the elderly, the disabled and patients with chronic diseases, said in the program “60 minutes” correspondent VGTRK Sergey Mingazov. This happened due to the fact that on 11 February in Japan — the day off.

In the company of people older than 80 years and patients with chronic diseases about two hundred people. But most of the passengers and crew members still on Board.

the Situation is complicated by every day: one day is not enough for the evacuation of 65 cases of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV. They continued to take out of the liner 11 Feb. But after the evacuation is complete, the liner went into Tokyo Bay.

on 12 February, the vessel must approach the shore. How long will the new evacuation is unknown, said Sergey Mingazov.

Russian diplomats point to the chaotic and unsystematic nature of the Japanese approach. On Board ship the necessary drugs are delivered with a significant delay because of the slowness of the Japanese bureaucratic system.

the Angry responses of the Japanese passengers on the liner, publish media of Japan. They note that bed linen on the ship do not change, it Otterlo. To sleep because of wet linen and cold in the cabin uncomfortable.

“For all the talk about the need to isolate the source of infection, the Japanese authorities have forgotten that on Board a lot of people in need of special medical care”, — said Sergey Mingazov.

a Quarantine on the ship while it is in effect until February 19. Of 3700 passengers and crew members during the first week of quarantine, the number of infected exceeded 130 people. An additional difficulty is that up to 80% of the passengers are elderly or those with chronic diseases are observed. While these categories are most susceptible to infection with coronavirus.