Over a month ago, retailers nationwide were struggling with a technical outage. Rewe, Edeka, Netto Marken-Discount and other retailers did not accept card payments. Now the supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations are apparently running out of cash. Money transport companies are on strike, and in many places consumers can only pay with a bank card.

Apparently, the German retail trade is threatened by a cash shortage.

The security transport industry announced nationwide warning strikes, which are now also affecting supermarkets. “Dear customers, if possible, please only pay by card,” said a Rewe branch in Munich on Tuesday morning. Employees of Edeka, dm and Rossmann confirmed in an interview with FOCUS Online that no change had arrived in the branches on Tuesday.

The Verdi union had negotiated a federal wage agreement with the Federal Association of German Monetary and Valuable Services (BDGW). He should bring the 11,000 employees a salary increase of almost 11 percent.

After the third round of negotiations burst last week, the Verdi union has now called warning strikes.

Pharmacies, gas stations and supermarkets will no longer receive change due to the warning strike. It is therefore possible that individual cash registers cannot issue cent and euro coins.

If you want to pay at the checkout, you should either have the right amount with you or pay by card. It is unclear how long the current warning strike will last.

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