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There is good reason to believe that ever since Olav Tryggvason went ashore on the Moster, according to Snorri, in 995, there has probably never been an easter without regular church services.

It says a bishop in Tønsberg, Jan Otto Myrseth the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK.

Jan Otto Myrseth is the bishop in Tønsberg diocese.

Photo: Henrik Guii-Larsen / The Norwegian church

– But we must of course also take our part of this volunteer effort to ensure that the most vulnerable are not compromised, he adds.

Here meet the car and the bible: the Church holds the drive-in church services at easter Will have the closest possible offers

The last few weeks there have been several “krisemøter” in the church, to take a position on how to handle the situation. The bishop emphasizes that the all the way have had in mind that they should strive to be loyal to national guidelines.

– We have spent a lot of time to coordinate, so that in the different municipalities should be the closest possible offer. We have had good contact with the proster and priests, and encouraged to be creative and find solutions for how the church can be present in communities and for individuals, ” says Myrseth.

He tells of great creativity.

– Many people have made their own devotionals, musikkandakter and services, which is flowed through the pages, or a newspaper. Many are preparing actually open church, of course, within all smittevernbestemmelser, ” says Myrseth and continues:

– It is påskevandring and nature trails for families with children, in some places, they share out påskeposer to the children. And then player one påskesalmer on the trumpet, or holding small concerts outside the nursing home. And there is a drive-in church services. So there is a lot of great happens.

Many empty church pews at easter Create service for YouTube

In the Library sitting precisely one of the priests who think differently in these days. Arnstein Hardang is a priest in Chelsea church, and is now editing a film that will be out on YouTube on good Friday.

Arnstein Hardang is a priest in Chelsea church.

Photo: Knut Brendhagen / NRK

– Now I do things I did not do a month ago, explains Hardang.

A kind of service in the short version?

– Yes, you can say it like that. There are pictures and music. It is a bit exciting this here. To reach out in other ways.

He says that many appreciate the “national services” as for example, one can see on the NRK, however, that many miss to see his church.

We took a ringerunde to someone in the ward and asked what is the need? And then there were several who said that they think it had been nice to get to see its church, see some familiar faces and hear some familiar voices, ” says Hardang.

See langfredagsgudstjeneste from Tromsø cathedral Lack of presence

We all know the burden of these limitations. But I do know that priests and other kirkeansatte have spent a lot of time to call individuals and offer calls and presence through, among other chatter, ” says bishop Myrseth.

He believes the pandemic has ensured that the church has taken developed.

– We have enough in the church, a good, major step forward when it comes to take advantage of opportunities to communicate with people without being physically together.

There are church services on TELEVISION or online for the people this easter.

Photo: Roger Lien / NRK

He tells among other things of a creative priest who has started a “gaming priest”. An offer where one uses the game Minecraft to reach out to the younger.

– Here, one tries to explain for example, what is the connection between Minecraft, God and the world. It probably comes a lot of good on this front, when it comes to communicating through new channels, ” says Myrseth and add:

at the same time we get enough, like any other, a reminder of how irreplaceable the human physical contact is. We can’t add up to a virtual church, it must be a meeting place for people.

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