Prison US authorities have denied Yaroshenko in testing for coronavirus

WASHINGTON, April 17 – RIA Novosti. The prison administration in the United States, which is serving the sentence to the Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, has denied prisoners in the testing for coronavirus are not excluded by contagion COVID-19, told RIA Novosti lawyer Alexey Tarasov, citing his client.

“Yaroshenko told me that this week two days ago, they (prisoners) was caused by the officer of the Department, and one of the prisoners asked when they will be tested for the coronavirus. This, according to Yaroshenko, the administration (prisons) said that, in their opinion, at all (the prisoners) have the virus, but the tests for each at this stage will not be carried out”, – said the lawyer. He stressed that all this information had been provided by his client.

Tarasov also said according to Yaroshenko, that last Friday, he measured the temperature, it was within the normal range, therefore, it was concluded that it does not have now problems with health. “It’s not so”, – said Tarasov.

Earlier, the lawyer told RIA Novosti that Yaroshenko told him about all the symptoms of coronavirus. According to the Russians, he believes that a new virus has infected the whole prison. In connection with these messages on Friday, the Consulate General of Russia in new York requested a prison “Danbury”, where the Russians about the situation with coronavirus in the walls of the institution and the state of Yaroshenko.

the Russian Embassy in Washington also asked the US authorities further medical examination Yaroshenko, as well as reported attempts to achieve pandemic coronavirus returning to Russia, imprisoned in the US for Russian citizens.

Yaroshenko was convicted in the United States in 2011 to 20 years in prison on charges in the preparation of the conspiracy to commit delivery of a large drug shipment on the us territory.