sit Back, relax, and then the beautiful result in the feet to admire: Prince Harry (34) should treat themselves to regularly together with his wife, the Duchess Meghan (38) a pedicure. So, too, shortly before his speech on climate-change in the Google Camp on Sicily last week (VIEW reported). Because Prince Harry entered without shoes and socks in front of the microphone.

According to the British “Sun” can Harry and Meghan during a Spa treatment at luxury hotel Coworth Park in Ascot regularly indulge. A night in the luxury hostel is available for around 500 pounds, a pedicure in a Five-star Spa’s for 50 pounds. The therapist will visit the Royals, otherwise, also private in Frogmore Cottage, a house treatment.

Earlier, the Prince had Harry a pedicure laughed

Meghan would appreciate it if you will always be treated by the same therapist, and Harry let himself the feet and due to a violation of massage, he has moved to the Polo course. An old friend from Harry’s military time should have said: “In his time in the army, he would have laughed if someone had a pedicure offered.” And more: “Now he’s talking about the salvation of the world and smokes and does not drink.”

For his speech last week, Harry and the other attending Celebrities were criticized, because they are reported with private jets to the Google conference arrived (VIEWS). Excursions the Spa-the Royals, a spokeswoman said: “We do not comment on personal schedules.” (paf)