British prince Charles now for the first time a sound, after he was infected with the coronavirus.

Britain’s prince Charles is once again in good health, after he last week, was found infected with the coronavirus. And now send the prince for the first time since the diagnosis of a greeting to the public.

It happens in a video, as Clarence House have shared on Twitter, where the 71-year-old prince Charles among other things, tells about his condition.

– After I have recently experienced to be infected with corona virus – thankfully, with relatively mild symptoms – I am now come out on the other side of the disease. But I still keep distance to others and generally remains in isolation, reads it from the prince.

Prince Charles has recently been in isolation in Scotland, together with his wife, duchess Camilla, which also has been tested for coronaviruses.

the Test was negative, but on Monday it emerged that the duchess must remain in isolation until the week is over, when she is starting to show symptoms of the coronavirus.

Prince Charles calls it a “strange” and “frustrating” situation, as we all are going through right now.

– In so distressing a time, which is unprecedented, thinking my wife and I, especially, of all those who have lost their loved ones under such difficult circumstances, and on those who are affected by illness, isolation and loneliness, he says.

the Prince also sends warm thoughts to the many older people who have it difficult under the coronakrisen, as well as to doctors, nurses and all other who every day make an extra effort to help where they can.

It is unknown, how the prince was infected with the coronavirus.

He is the eldest son of queen Elizabeth and first in line to inherit the british throne.

See the prince’s greeting here: