Prince Charles has given the sound for the first time since he went in isolation after being tested positive for the coronavirus.

The 71-year-old british prince uses the social media Twitter to talk to the public.

on Wednesday afternoon on the official profile of the ‘Clarence House’.

“After having been through the process of becoming infected by the corona – fortunately, with relative mild symptoms – I find now myself on the other side of the disease, but I still need to keep a certain social distance and remain in isolation,” he says among other things in the video, which can be seen below:

the Video is supposedly recorded already on Tuesday morning, but has first been published today, Wednesday. The video is according to the Daily Star recorded in prince’s home in Scotland.

“As we all learn continuously, so it is a strange, frustrating and often harrowing experience, when you no longer can be in his family’s and friends’ presence, while one’s normal routines will be lost,” continues the Prince in the video.

When it was announced that prince Charles was infected with the deadly virus, reported the british royal family, that also the Prince’s wife, Camilla, were in isolation, even though she had been tested negative.

on Tuesday, it emerged that Camilla must remain in isolation for the week is over, when she has started to show symptoms.

Prince Charles mentions also his wife in the video on Twitter:

“In such a worrying situation, which is without precedent, think my wife and I especially on those who have lost their loved ones under such difficult and unusual circumstances, as well as on those who go through illness, isolation and loneliness,” says.

It is unknown how prince Charles became infected with the virus.

B. T., however, has previously described how he may have become infected through the british kulturelite, when the Prince reached to participate at several public events, before the british government introduced the curfew. You can read much more about here.